Enterprise services provides employment opportunities to blind or visually impaired workers. Employees are provided vocational and educational training to perform the various job duties in this division of the Lighthouse of Houston. These employees work on local government and state contracts, providing labor to produce and package various products for state agencies through the State Use Program.

We package and sell individual bar soap to two TDCJ facilities. We also partner with various organizations and government agencies to provide packaging and production services.   Our employees have the ability and skillset to assemble small to large size kits to be returned to the agency for sale.  We also package and sell DVD's, flash drives, disinfectant, pumice and Scrubs-in-a-Bucket hand towelettes.

To partner with the Lighthouse of Houston to assemble kits, re-package goods/products or individually packaged soap, please contact info@houstonlighthouse.org.

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